Turtle Chaffle – Building on Other Recipes for a Decadent Keto Treat

Turtle Chaffle - Building on Other Recipes for a Decadent Keto Treat

When I eventually release a cookbook, one of its features will be what I call “recipe/ingredient sequencing”. Recipes will be linked to one another so that you can see how to build on them or use them in other recipes or how to repurpose leftovers.

This recipe, the turtle chaffle, is the first time I’m putting that into actual practice. I draw upon not just previous chaffle recipes, but also my candied pecans recipe, my caramel sauce recipe, and homemade whipped cream recipe. The result is a dessert chaffle that is so decadent, you (and your family) won’t believe it’s keto.

Printable recipe with macros: https://www.seriousketo.com/archives/7910

🎞Playlist with all of the recipes that led to this: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOMI-eTG2nCmTo_jjfkpLr-blDy5fUPjT

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