UnbelievaBun Review and Glucose Test – Is This the Bun We’ve Been Waiting For?

UnbelievaBun Review and Glucose Test - Is This the Bun We've Been Waiting For?

I have tried out countless “keto” and “low carb” breads and buns over the years. I’ve yet to find one that I can recommend without conditions. I’ve wondered if we’ll ever get a bun that tastes great, has decent texture, doesn’t cause me inflammation, and doesn’t spike my glucose or negatively impact my ketones.

In this video, I put the UnbelievaBun to the test. Is is an unbelievable bun that you can safely add to your ketogenic or low carb lifestyle, or is it just the latest disappointment.

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0:00 Intro, Macros, Ingredients and taste test
4:55 Burger test
7:03 Results and summary

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