Video Podcast #100 – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Video Podcast #100 - Looking Back and Looking Ahead

It’s hard to believe that the “Not So Serious Keto Video Podcast” has made it to 100 episodes. This one is a bit longer than usual; hopefully you don’t mind…

0:00 Intro
1:16 The final podcast?
2:54 A whole lot of thanks
7:34 Amazon links
8:18 The companies I partner with
10:54 My life’s purpose?
13:19 Why “Serious Keto”?
15:51 When I grow up…
18:04 Just being Steve
20:08 The podcast’s future
21:41 Fulfilling a popular request

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Brian Brushwood’s Scam Nation:

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Silicon Stretch Covers:

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10 Tricks to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Although professionals recommend slimming down through diet regimen and also workout, it’s tough for lots of people to comply with stringent diets. The majority of people quit their diet since they don’t desire to quit particular foods or have to eat the same things daily. If you belong to this team of people as well as strict diets aren’t for you, attempt these 10 ideas to drop weight without diet programs …

Trim Down Your Body In a Natural Manner

Yes, it is real that you can trim your body weight considerably without depending on pricey workout machines; that being stated, it needs to be additionally included that you will need to make full blast initiatives for the very same. To start with, you need to support the wish to become healthy.

How to Lose 2 Pounds A Week – Try Aerobic Exercises

If you are trying to find fast fat burning – like losing 2 to 3 pounds in a week’s time then the most effective way to accomplish that is with aerobic exercises. Doing cardio exercises is a great method to get in form swiftly as they help in burning a great deal of calories quickly. In order to lose 1 extra pound of fat, you need to shed even more than 3500 extra calories than what you typically shed every day.

Ready For Success? Eat What You Want

Intuitive eating (likewise called conscious consuming) is structured around the belief that individuals need to trust themselves enough to think that they will certainly eat what as well as just how much food they need. When you eat intuitively, you utilize your inner cues for appetite, hunger and satiety to assist you. The reality is, just by eating what you truly desire can you properly nurture on your own and also attain optimum health and wellness – consisting of a healthy and balanced weight.

The Five Easiest Diets I Know

Individual instructor in Swansea Richard Clarke speaks about diet plans. He states what he assumes are one of the most effective diets.

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