Video Podcast #111 – Shortages, Extended Fast, Staying Keto

Video Podcast #111 - Shortages, Extended Fast, Staying Keto

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I’ll be discussing keto related topics that are in the news, discussing frequently asked questions from my viewers, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking related).

In this episode, I give a couple of updates on July’s video schedule, I ponder shortages and the price of keto, I preview an upcoming extended fast, and I discuss the pitfalls of chasing YouTube metrics.

0:00 Intro about intros
1:35 July video schedule
4:21 Shortages
6:25 Egg white powder
8:03 Technical info
9:34 Extended fast
11:25 Autophagy
13:28 End of month videos
14:37 30 day challenges
18:52 Chasing YouTube metrics
20:47 Evolution of keto?

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Basics About Liposuction Surgery

The best opted cosmetic surgical procedure among males and females is VASER liposuction surgery. Being a minimally intrusive treatment it is silent popular amongst individuals. Though it is not a replacement of weight management it can be made use of to get an excellent number.

How to Win at Weight Loss Checklist

If you’ve been struggling to get listed below a certain weight for weeks, even after sweating with countless sessions of high strength intermittent training as well as enduring a fat burning diet regimen – no question you have thought of grabbing that mischievous lotion cake or bread. One more regular reaction is to come down regarding it, yet that will not do. You require to make a list.

How You Think You Can Really Control Your Appetite

Generally we have actually listened to that consuming the wrong foods and also eating too much of them was primarily a product of absence of willpower. As more study is being done on the topic, we are discovering that a lot even more than self-control enters into what we ultimately eat in our diet. Maybe in the coming years as we better recognize the complexities involved in diet plan suppression, we will certainly have the ability to take a lot more clinical strategy to diet plan than just sheer willpower.

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Effectiveness Of A Weight Loss Program

Weight is not something to be pleased of at all which’s why a bulk of people invest several hours on-line looking for the ideal answers to their weight problems. For one to reduce weight appropriately you need to get a good weight loss program.

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