Video Podcast #134 – More Viral, Trouble with Words, Costco Experience

Video Podcast #134 - More Viral, Trouble with Words, Costco Experience

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I’ll be discussing keto related topics that are in the news, discussing frequently asked questions from my viewers, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking related).

In this episode, I follow-up on the viral and clickbait topic from last week, I put names into perspective, I confess to my difficulty with some words, and I share a recent Costco experience.

Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene:

0:00 Viral re-cap and Human Nature
3:51 Best clickbait
4:50 How bad is a name?
6:02 Trouble with words
8:17 YT comment oddities
10:38 Costco experience
12:55 Colonoscopy

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