Video Podcast #45 part 1 – Home for the Holidays, Earthing and Sleep

Video Podcast #45 part 1 - Home for the Holidays, Earthing and Sleep

This podcast wound up being way longer than I expected. Even with some pretty aggressive editing, it was going to be 30-40 minutes long. As such, I decided to break it into two parts. Once the second part is posted, I will link to it.

In the first part, I’ll talk about my son being home for the holidays and what that has entailed. I’ll also share my experience with “Earthing” and my early, cautiously optimistic finds in terms of how it has impacted my sleep.

In the second part of this video (which will release on Dec 31st), I’ll talk about the year in review and my alternative to New Year’s resolutions.

Intro & last week’s Easter egg: 0:00
Connor home from the Army: 1:02
Cooking for Connor: 4:09
Earthing & Sleep: 8:52

Earthing book:
Earthing movie:

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