Video Podcast #50: Costco Story, CAC Results, and a Bottle of Dom

Video Podcast #50: Costco Story, CAC Results, and a Bottle of Dom

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I’ll be discussing keto related topics that are in the news, discussing frequently asked questions from my viewers, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking related).

In this episode, I share a Costco story, give the results of my cardiac calcium scoring test, show another picture of fat Steve, and explain why I’ve had a bottle of Dom Perignon in my office for the last three years.

Intro & scam email: 0:00
Cold showers: 1:53
Costco story: 3:17
Cardiac calcium scoring results: 6:35
Closing in on 53: 8:49
Easter eggs: 10:45
Bottle of Dom: 13:18

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