Video Podcast #65 – Black Tie Kitchen Part 1

Video Podcast #65 - Black Tie Kitchen Part 1

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I’ll be discussing keto related topics that are in the news, discussing frequently asked questions from my viewers, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking related).

In this episode, I share the screen with Dennis from Black Tie Kitchen. We were shooting for a 20-30 minute podcast and lost track of time, coming in at 40 minutes. Consequently, I broke this into 2 parts, with part 2 being included in the next podcast.

Intro & housekeeping: 0:00
Meet Dennis: 3:02
What got you into cooking?: 5:29
Cooking for Geeks: 8:09
Recipe failures: 13:20
Keto “Holy Grail”: 15:56

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Eat Protein And Avoid The Yo-Yo Dieting Trap!

Every person likes the compliments that follow after an effective diet plan program. Losing 20-30 pounds of body weight is no easy feat and takes lots of people months to accomplish. The parties are brief lived nonetheless when the weight slowly begins piling back on. In lots of instances, it isn’t long before the pleased dieter has not just acquired all their weight back yet much more. Therefore the cycle begins throughout again with a brand-new diet regimen and backwards and forwards the body weight goes, however strangely adequate each time we obtain the weight back, it’s even more body fat than before. This is the sad however ever before so common story of ‘yo-yo dieting’. This phenomenon is rampant amongst dieters and can be blamed on one vital missing component unfortunately normal in a lot of craze programs. Keep reviewing this article to discover this unfamiliar key as well as how to avoid the yo-yo dieting roller rollercoaster.

10 Rules To Help You Keep Extra Weight Off Forever

The trick to keeping your weight after shedding those pounds is to live a better, much healthier life. Follow these ten rules as well as you will quickly locate on your own on the roadway to self-improvement without restoring that unwanted weight.

Several Ways To Shed Pounds In Several Days Without Slowing Your Metabolism Down

There aren’t several methods to lose fat quick without compromising the performance of your metabolism. The body is always striving to protect itself as well as preserve a state of balance. This implies that if you deny on your own of a lot of calories for too long, it will certainly reduce its weight loss capabilities and participate in malnourishment setting. This is the misconception of craze or accident diet programs. The can aid you slim down, yet programs like these absolutely will not help you keep it off.

Curbing Your Apetite – The Opposite Effects of Too Many Spices

I once reviewed a publication about the healing impacts of the food in TCM. The writer discussed that for some spices, when taken way too much, might cause the contrary results. Take nutmeg as an instance. It can enhance our cravings. Nonetheless, when taken too much, it can curb our appetite.

Six Unexpected Weight Loss Tips

Starting a weight loss journey could not be exciting. Nevertheless, there are methods to enliven the procedure and also even inject a little brevity into your effort.

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