Video Podcast #80 – September 10 Flashback, Joe Rogan Keto Podcast, Bailing on Supernatural.

Video Podcast #80 - September 10 Flashback, Joe Rogan Keto Podcast, Bailing on Supernatural.

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I’ll be discussing keto related topics that are in the news, discussing frequently asked questions from my viewers, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking related).

In this episode, I share the details of my strange day so far (including finding that Headbanger’s Kitchen beat me to a topic I was going to cover), I answer some of your questions about YouTube ads, and I cover 24 in ’21 for August/September.

0:00 Intro & outdoors
0:58 My September 10th flashback
2:26 LinkedIn work anniversary
3:40 Joe Rogan keto podcast
8:12 What I eat?
10:09 Bailing on Supernatural
11:42 Ninja Creami and wrap-up

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